I have some rubbish ideas …

This is a strange time of year where gardening is concerned. Last week it was positively tropical weather-wise – whereas this week we’ve been back to frosty mornings and cold, grey days. Inspired by last week’s plant label making, I’ve been doing a bit more garden related recycling. For our Valentine’s weekend/anniversary of first meeting Grumbling Rose and I indulged in Afternoon Tea, delivered to our home. It was delicious, but came in sturdy plastic trays with lids. The trays are dark plastic, so banned from the recycling boxes. To keep them from landfill I’ve used them to sow some micro-greens in – they don’t look much at the moment, but I’ll keep you posted.

When I took my dog for her haircut last week (yes, dogs are allowed haircuts, unlike us humans) – I noticed that the food our doggy day-carers sell, is sent to them in polystyrene boxes. I asked what happens to them – you guessed it – they go into landfill. So I loaded them into my car (with permission of course) and I’m going to use them as planters for my courgettes, tomatoes and mangetout. I know they’re not the most attractive but I think if I plant some trailing nasturtiums in them as well, it will make them look a bit prettier.

The saga of the verbena bonariensis seeds goes on – the third lot didn’t germinate – so I bought some. Imagine the surprise I had when I opened the packet – they look nothing like the seeds I collected from the plant I have in my garden! The real seed is the smaller one in the photo below. So what are these things I have been trying to grow?! They definitely came off a verbena bonariensis flower!

Actually not all my ideas are rubbish – I am a media star – I made it into Garden News, along with one of my amaryllis plants!

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  1. Love it Belinda, and now you are famous (Garden News) will you still speak to us and send me your blog? Are we worthy?

    Anne is coming tomorrow, skips arriving today. I am quite nervous!

    See you at 10am,

    Jo x

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