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  • Welcome to My Gardening Blog

    27th Jun 2019 by

    A garden is always a series of losses set against a few triumphs, like life itself – May Sarton I’m new to blogging which also seems for me to be a series of losses with a few triumphs – I’m enjoying learning though! Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

  • Stormy Weather!

    11th Mar 2021 by

    Well it’s certainly been very windy over the past few days, but I think I’ve got off relatively lightly in terms of damage in the garden – thankfully no repeat of last summer’s plastic greenhouse episode! The only slight drama this morning was when Grumbling Rose noticed that the force of the wind had snapped… Read more

  • I have some rubbish ideas …

    4th Mar 2021 by

    This is a strange time of year where gardening is concerned. Last week it was positively tropical weather-wise – whereas this week we’ve been back to frosty mornings and cold, grey days. Inspired by last week’s plant label making, I’ve been doing a bit more garden related recycling. For our Valentine’s weekend/anniversary of first meeting… Read more

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