More raisins to shop at Morrisons

Victoria invited me over on Sunday afternoon for Pimms in the garden and to identify a plant. After attempts with two different Apps which came up with some ridiculous suggestions, we identified it as Campanula. Even with my limited knowledge of gardening, I realised this is a very common plant and a name we should probably have been able to come up with ourselves. I think you’ll agree, it is very beautiful.

While guzzling our Pimms, surveying the garden, Albert joined us. This unfortunately meant the Pimms had to go round further. However, he told me about their blackbird visitors with a taste for raisins! Several of them, male and female, come to their back door every day to wait for these treats. Victoria and Albert have discovered that only Morrisons raisins will do – for whatever reason, the Asda equivalent have been rejected by the blackbirds!

I asked for a demo and it didn’t take long for a female and 2 males to make an entrance. Here is one of them enjoying a feast of the favoured variety.

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