Birds and Roses

This is a video of my woodpecker eating me out of peanuts at a rate of knots. Clearly it’s not “my” woodpecker – I’m sure it will visit other gardens and  there must be more than one of them – otherwise based on the fact that I am filling up my squirrel proof peanut feeder daily rather than weekly, it wouldn’t be able to get airborne!  The RSPB site leads me to believe it is the greater spotted variety of woodpecker as the lesser spotted woodpeckers are smaller than this one. I know they are very shy birds (although not put off by the squirrel) – this is one reason the video isn’t very good. I was trying to maintain a steady hand while moving  across my terrace like a sumo wrestler crouched behind the mahonia. Mind you a sumo wrestler wouldn’t want to be anywhere near mahonia – too prickly!

Another bird siting this week you might like to see – not in my garden but in the grounds of a nearby country house hotel. A duck has been nesting in one of the flower beds for the last month. She was only spotted once early on when she hissed at a passer by. That is until Last Thursday, when she set off with her little brood to find the nearest water – it would have been quite a journey!
Am I living up to my name and rambling too much? Talking of which, how are your roses doing this year? On Friday night Monty Don said it has been a difficult year for roses. Some of mine are looking the best they ever have.

However one is not fairing so well. It started life as a cutting from one that climbed all over my my parents’ front porch. The buds are being attacked by something – I think greenfly or whitefly – I squashed a few I found crawling on them. The buds go a bit hard and misshapen …
and open out a grubby colour.
I have another cutting in a different part of the garden – this is how the flowers are supposed to look. The bee is a bonus!

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